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Knowing the depth of the ocean

Risks are like ocean. The more deeper you go, are maximum rewards. What depth (risk) suits your portfolio? Our advice shall exactly measure that for you.

Aim for the stars, you shall reach the moon

The portolio is designed to provide better returns. We shall design it so meticously that the potential minimum shall be better then the benchmarks.

A rotten apple spoils all

One wrong investment decision should not lead to entire destruction of your protfolio. Our diversification allocation techniques shall keep your portfolio afloat in all market conditions.

Know your self

Nobody knows you better than you. So should you know your protfolio. We explain you in great detail each and every investment avenue of your portfolio.

Past performance does not gurantee future performance

Investments are inhert volatile markets. Excellent past performance sometime cannot be repeated. Thus we periodically review all the performances for any warning signals from the portfolio investments.

No shame in changing with time

Times change should the allocation and investments. We keep a minute watch on all the events in the markets and accordingly regularly suggest changes with changed times.

What you sow shall you reap

The fruits of our investment shall be seen on maturity. Our portfolio provides for re-investment and perpetual returns arrangements, so as you keep on getting fruits of returns.


100% smoothest execution of your portfolio investment or else 0 new investment till not completed.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make a planned portfolio of your investments. Come, become our new customer today.
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Dipen Shah, welcomes you to Stayvan family

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Dipen Shah, welcomes you to Stayvan family

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See Dipen Shah’s Profile
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