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Know what you are trading

Know which segment is best for your profile and then start to trade with the aim to trade in all segments in your lifetime. We provide services in Equity Cash, Equity Futures, Equity Options,
Agri Commodities (Mor) Futures, Agri Commodities (Mor) Options, Agri Commodities (Eve) Futures,
Non – Agri Commodities Futures, Non – Agri Commodities Options, Forex (Mor) Futures, Forex (Mor) Options, Forex (Eve) Futures, Forex (Eve) Options, Pair trades and many more segments…

Running everyhwere will get you no where

Give sufficient time for your chosen trading segment to perform. Every trend has its cycle and its important to be there when the trend is in your favor. No body has ever caught the Top or the Bottom consistently.
Our calls are based on the best trending time frame to be there when the markets give profits.

No war is won by dying

You have to be in the game to win it. Risking all your capital in few trades will never make you profit. Our every call carry the equal weighted risk giving us the chance to practically be in the market for ever.

Go wrong and make profit

Its not our exams. We don’t have to go right, we have to make profits. Its better to go wrong with small loss and right with larger profits. Our calls have the perfect Profit / Loss ratio.

Everyday is not a SUNDAY

Even GOD cannot make profit daily while trading. You win some, you lose some. The real winner knows it and does not get sad on losing and happy on winning.
Our limited number of calls in a day shall keep the loss making days to a minimum and more days for making profits.

ROME was not built in a day

Overnight profits also go overnight. Trading is about building sustainable capital with profits. Our trading calls shall keep on adding profits to you capital to build your trading empire.

A friend in need is a friend in deed

Markets trade collectively for 13 hours now and shall trade for 22 hours in future. Someone is need to clear ever arising queries in the market.
Our round the clock exclusive LIVE CALLING facility will be your friend during volatile market hours.


You will make profit more than the fees paid by you. If not, your next month’s services shall be renewed for FREE.


Its never too old to learn. Come become our new customer today.
Hurry pay now to get 50% cash back on the fees for purchase of other services.

Call: 8879924162 for any assistance.

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Profit Sharing

Yearly: Rs. 9,999/- Every yearly registration per segment (Equities or Agri Commodities or Non Agri Commodities) + 30% of profit every week.
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Account no 30942559022
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Branch BAPMC
IFSC Code SBIN0009961
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Dipen Shah, welcomes you to Stayvan family

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Our USP: Dipen Shah's best teaching style in English or Hindi or Marathi or Gujarati with his 10 years of experience, can increase your income for life.
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Dipen Shah, welcomes you to Stayvan family

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See Dipen Shah’s Profile
Our USP: Stayvan's expertise with Anand Rathi Shares and Stock Brokers' PAN INDIA presence shall 24 X 7 X 365 market days be at your service.
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Our USP: Dipen Shah with his 10 years of market experience has designed 20 stratergies with 100% potential to outperform markets.
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